Money! Money is simply saved-up labor. You work. You get paid. You have money! But what you do next with money is what separates the sheep from the goats, the bull from the bears, the wheat from the chaff.


Have you ever actually thought about MONEY? Without money our economies, go bankrupt, families go bust, people cannot fulfill their basic needs.

In Western society, children are required to go to school by a certain age, and hopefully graduate at the end of 12 or 13 years of schooling with some tools to be used in life or in further education.

Why do360708 we go to school? To get a job? Why do we get a job? To get MONEY! 

Yes some can get greedy and want it so much they stoop to criminal acts to get it. But without money our whole society stops moving, growing, living.

Let’s go back one step. What do you do with money after you get it?

  • Spend it?
  • Pay bills?
  • Save it?

Most people go to work, perform a manual, mental, emotional, factory, store or office job. Others provide services of all kinds.

But what if you could send money to work instead? What if you could make your money work as hard as you do and bring home the equivalent pay?

That is the domain of investing. Many think investing is for rich people. They don’t think they have enough money to invest. Some think that they will invest when they get older and they make more money. But often getting older also has more expenses, wives/husbands, children, houses, cars. That is the equivalent of waiting until you see the bus leaving the curb and then running after it hoping the driver sees you.

There are four ways, legally, of getting more money.

  1. Get a higher paying job.
  2. Work longer, harder, more
  4. INVEST!

We intend to put lists of resources where you can learn to SPEND LESS and how to INVEST.


gemsFor more information about investing, please see the gems on my website. (Coming)

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