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There was a day when no cars had automatic transmissions. Then a few high end cars had them if you paid extra. Then they were available on all cars for an extra cost. Now, except for perhaps trucks, automatic is standard. 🙂

That sums up scooters today which for the most part run by a drive belt like a snowmobile, called CVT transmission (continuous variable transmission). Even a number of small cars have CVT transmissions. They are so much simpler and cheaper to repair than automatic transmissions of the past.

Today a few diehards LOVE stick-shifting. Now at almost 70, I have had enough of shifting for another lifetime. Every time you turn a corner in town you shift down and then up again. That is NOT fun! It is boring.

Right now scooters are at the forefront of technology. Most motorcyle technology is old. There are very few mechanical automatic transmissions on motorcycles. So Harley guys smile when they see a scooter thinking it is for kids but that just betrays their ignorance.

Why, unless you too are a diehard shifter, would you want a transmission with zillions of little parts and pieces that you cannot repair yourself?

Why would you want to get only 35 mpg when you could be getting twice that?

Why as you get older would you want an 800 pound bike to hold up when you could have a SYM RV250 like mine which weighs in at less than 400 pounds?

I guess you know where I stand 🙂

SYM RV250 Parts

I will share here locations I have found for SYM parts. The primary one is in Taiwan (where the SYM factory is) run by a transplanted Canadian, Cam Purvis. Cam knows scooters well and has all kinds of SYM parts. On top of that the drive belt I ordered from him, took only one day longer to come than the one from an American distributor!

Cam’s website is has parts displayed and priced.

I got my drive belt there for $75USD plus shipping. By the way he has SYM parts for all the other SYMs as well.

Now I am about to order a front fender for $57.14 plus shipping. I was trying to repair it and reached a roadblock. Then I figured my dealer would probably charge me $60 or more in labour to finish fixing my cracked fender and try to remake a mounting hole which broke off. I just realized it is cheaper and faster for me just to buy a fender.

If you have a SYM, give Cam a try. You will not be disappointed!

SYM Motorcycles

Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 in Neihu Taipei to manufacture bicycle lights. Operations began with only ten employees and the factory was set up in a leased rice mill with basic manufacturing equipment. In 1962, Sanyang formed a joint venture with Honda Motor Japan to build 50cc, 150cc and 160cc motorcycles and became the first motorcycle manufacturing company in Taiwan. With perseverance and determination Sanyang Industry has grown into one of Taiwan’s most successful companies. For over 50 years they have focused on continual research and development and leading edge technology; this has helped build its international reputation as a leader in the motorcycling industry.

For more information: SYMCANADA.COM

Other Sources for SYM Parts

San Diego, CA

Purmerand, NL
AJ Sutton


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