Imagine Adam & Eve or if you prefer a caveman, Barney?-maybe not and think about how they got around from place to place. Now think of the present and all the choices that people have to move around! That’s what vehicles is all about!


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Could you use one of these? 🙂








What are vehicles for?

Seems like a dumb question, right? But UNLESS you KNOW what a vehicle is for, you will buy the wrong vehicle because you like the looks, or you think it is powerful, or your grandfather had one in the wayback and it was the “best car he ever owned!”

Okay what is the RIGHT VEHICLE??? Could it be ? ……

  1. One you can afford to pay cash or almost all cash for?
  2. One that is beautiful and you fall in love with it?
  3. A vehicle made for the purpose you intend to use it for?
  4. The right colour?
  5. A researched vehicle that is in the Best of the Best groups as tested by Consumers Reports or reported by owners. Often tens of thousands of them!
  6. A vehicle that has been proven to be reliable in the past?
  7. A vehicle you and your wife found on a lot and you both thought it was just the right vehicle for you and your family.

What points above do you think are the most important considerations when you buy a vehicle?

Did you pick 1, 3, 5, 6?

If you did not, then you may be purchasing a vehicle for the WRONG REASON!

Did you check this book below?



If not, you may be saying GOODBYE
to 100’S of Dollars!

hundreds k0102492


And if you are that careless about money, then please be careless enough to send me the money you would have been careless about and I will promise not to be! It will be put to careful and good use. For example to support one of the children we sponsor in Nicaragua or India:)

Then you will feel SO MUCH better that you have been careful with your money! 🙂

Interested in why?

Email Me & Tell Me What You Think 🙂


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