Most people know that selling your car yourself takes some work but it does usually save you a lot of dollars. How many hours would you work to earn $1000? So if you save $1000 by selling yourself it is just like working for the money but with much more freedom.

(Just 3 of the Vehicles I have Sold Myself)
2005 Mercury

2005 Mercury

2009 SYM RV250


2004 Sonata








Some Tips

  • Use – but be aware that a few people may see your car but not as many as
  • – YES YES YES! As soon as I put my ad in Autotrader I started getting emails and calls from many people. In fact one is coming today and will probably buy my 2005 Mercury.
  • Get the Ontario Used Vehicle Info Package 
  • Get your car safetied / certified
  • Check if your last Driveclean was done within 1 year (you do not need a new one!) However please check with the Driveclean site as this can change any day.
  • Wash, wax and vacuum your car thoroughly
  • An option is to pay about $125 and get someone else to detail your car which is what the tip above is called in the auto trade
  • BIG TIP! If you transfer your old plates to your new car, watch out! Why? Because then you need a temporary license for your old car being sold! I found out the hard way with a $110 fine that the Ontario temporary license sticker ONLY LASTS 10 DAYS! Unless you are a super salesman or your car is a very desired model, 10 days is NOT ENOUGH!
  • BEST BIG TIP OPTION!!! – The best option from my research is either to keep your old plates on your old car or buy new ones for your old car. You are probably thinking that this is VERY EXPENSIVE! Not as expensive as the ticket I just got!!! When you sell your old car, you take off either the old plates you kept on it or the new plates you put on it. Then you go back to Service Ontario and turn them in for a partial refund based upon the length of time you kept them.
  • Ontario Safety Certificates last 36 days. The temporary license lasts 10 days! Duh! If it took you 36 days to sell your car then you would need to renew the $15 temporary plates 3 more times! (Total of 4!) Simple math = 4 x $15 = $60. If you DO NOT sell it by 36 days then you need to get a NEW SAFETY CERTIFICATE TOO!
  • This Ontario government has ways of getting you, left, right, centre, up, down and sideways! It is time for a Toronto Tea Party. Let’s dump old cars and car parts on Queen’s Park until they remove some of the stupid unnecessary fees regarding Driver’s Licenses and Selling Your Own Car!! 🙂 Or we could just all areas outside Toronto metro area to be FREE ONTARIO! Then we can start our own country within the old Ontario WITHOUT TORONTO! They rule too much because they are so big! Just think we can stop paying Ontario taxes and rework a FAIR TAX SYSTEM not based upon us contributing taxes to make the current government look good by taking our taxes and improving the roads and THEN TAKING ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT! IT WAS OUR MONEY, STUPID! 🙂
  • By the way, if you took the advice above and did not get a $110 fine, then you owe me! You can bring me a Tim Horton’s card or just send it to me. Unless of course you are cheap! 🙂
  • You can also DONATE CARS to various worthy charities like Teen Challenge and they will give you a charitable donation receipt!     You still owe me a Timmies card for this money-saver 🙂


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