My name is Charles Pedley, retired teacher, retired financial coach, present bus driver and webpreneur**. I have 3 degrees, all above zero. 🙂 I have read more financial books, magazines, articles and gone to more financial seminars than I can count. I have passed more tests, and taken more continuing education courses to keep myself up-to-date. (You can never really be fully up-to-date. But effort makes you reach higher.)

Several years ago I retired from 10 years of selling life insurance, and creating financial plans for families as well as helping them get out of debt.

However the thing I missed most about retiring was helping people who did not understand that they may have been sold life insurance that they did not need, or some mutual funds which were not appropriate for them.

I really liked starting them on a plan to get themselves out of debt. (Dave Ramsey would be VERY happy!)

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A friend phoned me up and asked me to help them with a particular problem. I knew where to look and found out what they needed to know to stop a debt collector from hassling them day after day.

They were working on paying it back but could not do it at the rate the debt collector wanted them to. So he just kept phoning and threatening them that they would lose their house if they did not pay up as of yesterday.

It was then that I conceived of the idea of creating a site where people can ask questions of someone with NO VESTED INTEREST because I can not sell any financial product as I am not licensed any more. But that gives me the freedom to recommend whatever is best for families or individuals!

That became the vision of

Now since we are just starting, please be patient. Thank you! 🙂

However we do have some links below to help you already.


** =
I coined the word webpreneur to mean someone who makes money on the internet.

Government of Ontario Consumer Protection

Ontario – Your Rights Under the Consumer Protection Act

Canada – Consumer Information

Canadian Consumer Handbook Create and Download the Info You Need as Your Own Personal Handbook!

Below are a few links for information you can put in your handbook!


Products & Services


Consumer Protection


Key Contacts

Learn to Complain More Effectively

The Complaint Roadmap uses a step-by-step approach to help you learn how to complain more effectively and direct you to the right complaint handling body when dealing with businesses, service providers, and retailers.

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources for Consumers

Recalls and Safety Alerts Database

The Recalls and Safety Alerts Database found on the Healthy Canadians website provides consumers with easy access to a comprehensive list of recalls, advisories, and safety alerts. This database includes recalls from Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Transport Canada.

National Do Not Call List

National Do Not Call List

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation