[Please email Charles at cp@cpedley.com if I need to make corrections as my memory may have been faulty in some cases below..]

A Street Cat Named Bob – First – One of my favorite movies because it is based on a true happening in England and my family and I love cats! And I also love what I call “survivor stories – when the bad is overcome by the good!

October Sky is a movie based in a poor coal-mining town called (on the movie) “CoalWood” I think. But it is based on a true and inspiring story!!!

Storm Boy – A warm story about a boy who wanted to save baby pelicans who had no parents!

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Based on a true happening in Africa!) Amazingly wonderful!

I Fell in Love with a Church Girl!

Hampstead – Can you live on public land?

Wonder – Appearances really do not count even tho we often think they are JUST DO IMPORTANT! This movie says otherwise!

 Running Wild – Can prisoners lose their former nature?

Northland Rescue – Sad but story showing a family can overcome problems by treating each other well.

The Patriot – Mel Gibson movie

The Terminal – Tom Hanks in a “new home”

Night on Earth – now they have cameras that can film animals of the wild at night!

Hachi – an apparently sad but true story of a loyal dog.

Faith Hope Love – One of those chick flick movies that I enjoyed with my wife.

Virgin River – A series with a generally positive tone.

All Saints – Based on a true story of great hope!

Now for Some Christmas Movies in Spring! 🙂

The 9 Lives of Christmas

A Shine of Rainbows

Same Kind of Different as Me

Saints & Strangers

Captains Courageous with Robert Ulrich – Excellent!

Greater  – based on a true story … Brandon Burlsworth Story

Angels Sing

This Christmas Eve

Adrift – Sad but true story.

Midnight Sun – unusual when one can only go out at night

Only Mine 2018

Let There Be Light with Kevin Sarbo – Great!

Snow White and the Huntsman

An Interview with God

Dragonfly – with Kevin Costner whose wife dies in the Jungle or did she?

Going in Style – 3 Old Men cheated out of their pensions and about to lose their houses try bank robbery.