Folk Music and my Dad CWPedley 

This photo shows my Dad and Mother (in costume) speaking to the Queen Mother during Niagara-
on-the-Lake’s Bicentennial. My Dad wrote and performed it for the Queen Mother at Fort George, in Niagara on the Lake. He said that he wasn’t going to wash his hands for a month because the Queen Mother shook his hand! 🙂

I grew up and often fell asleep listening to Dad going over and over a folk song that he loved and wanted to play. That later progressed into collecting and making up his own.

One he collected at one point was the song “When The Ice Worms Nest Again”

There appear to be many versions but here is one performed by Wilf Carter (Montana)


Another Version

And Another with Slideshow!

The real story about Ice Worms!

A Candid Ice Worms Video

And another folk song called by various names but affectionately known as
The Black Fly Song!

(The lyrics are found at this site below the video on

There are apparently, as with most folk songs, several versions. The one I remember and used to sing for all my classes was the one below.

There’s a husky, dusky maiden in the Arctic
And she waits for me but it is not in vain,
For some day I’ll put my mukluks on and ask her
If she’ll wed me when the ice worms nest again.

In the land of the pale blue snow,
Where it’s ninety-nine below,
And the polar bears are roaming o’er the plain,
In the shadow of the Pole
I will clasp her to my soul,
We’ll be married when the ice worms nest again

For our wedding feast we’ll have seal oil and blubber;
In our kayaks we will roam the bounding main;
All the walruses will look at us and rubber,
We’ll be married when the ice worms nest again.

And when the blinkin’ icebergs bound around us,
She’ll present me with a bouncing baby boy.
All the polar bears will dance a rhumba ’round us
And the walruses will click their teeth with joy.

Final Chorus:
When some night at half-past two
I return to my igloo,
After sitting with a friend who was in pain,
She’ll be waiting for me there,
With the hambone of a bear
And she’ll beat me ’til the ice worms nest again!


I established a website in honour of Dad at

In case you do not believe in ice worms, check out

Some Youtube singers sing their version

Howard Card version (This is the closest version to the one I learned)

Wilf Carter version

Montana Slim (Wilf Carter) version