There are many ways to save money on flights and other travel if you do not get stuck in a rut. First we will be listing resources that you may not have known about. I saved about $800 on a trip to Newfoundland with my wife by trying various things which most people would overlook.


Cars which are OUTSIDE of the airport are usually cheaper.  But how do you get to them???

Enterprise seems to be the only car rental place anywhere in NL. We landed at St. Johns airport & yes, only Enterprise rentals!.

By researching, I found at least two Enterprise facilities. One was in Mount Pearl, a suburb of St. Johns. That particular Enterprise cannot come to the airport to pick you up. 

So what do you do?

  1. You book a hotel near the airport which has a shuttle. I recommend Comfort Inn Airport because it has a shuttle, is relatively inexpensive, for a name brand motel AND they have a free breakfast that starts at 4 AM!
  2. Then you phone the hotel from the airport and they have a shuttle which will come and pick you up and take you to your pre-booked motel room.
  3. Then you phone Enterprise Mount Pearl. They will come to the motel, and you drive the person back to their site.
  4. When you are ready to leave NL, you arrange ahead to come in to Enterprise Mount Pearl, before closing time (CHECK!) You drive to their site and they drive you back to the motel. In the morning the motel shuttle takes you to the airport!
  • Newfoundland


The other tip in summer is to look up SunWing Airlines as they fly to Gander and St. Johns at that time of year and are several hundred dollars less than any other airline!

Okay now you owe me half of what you saved! So be fair (with your fare savings and you can Interac Etransfer it to me at 🙂

After you try a few of these travel websites you will begin to see that some sites are only duplicates of one another or that the prices are the same on several sites (normal because airlines are the same.) However if you never get a better or different prices on several sites, pick one and give up on the others. This is what I have done which works very well for me. I often have been able to save my friends over $100 by using sites they may have never heard of.

I have found that many never have any different prices. But there may be one or two that find better prices. So I pick two or three of them which have better prices, are fast, give more information, are easier to use and use them all the time. 

A list of flight sources plus sometimes, cars, hotels, and cruises too.