Revised: December 19, 2016 – Since writing the piece below I have decided to use WPACADEMY’s inexpensive managed hosting! Costs you more but you can rely on their maintenance! Only once did I find a problem with my site coming up and it was fixed in short order.

They are highly recommended and much cheaper than most managed sites.



Now I am upset a bit with Every time I have been updating my main business website (CFC) the site would be slow or give me “fatal error” messages or “Website is offline” messages.

Then when I finally got in and edited a page and tried to save it, CFC would conk out and lose all my edits. That is the worst trouble I have had with a WordPress site in a long, long time!

Perhaps it is my WordPress sites which can be slow. However I thought I would try some easy website creation sites but first show the costs and what is included.

I liked Weebly right away because it was not hard to find the pricing and features.








Until I get this done, please check here for the Weebly features that you get for each price.




Adobe Muse



More coming later


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