was created by author Mark Coker. People who wish to  create ebooks in different formats can come to Smashwords and get their Word document converted to all common existing formats for ebooks for FREE!

I found out how to convert my book Joyful Mourning : A True Love Story to Kindle format. Then I thought I would convert it to the format used by Barnes and Noble only to find out that you have to have a U.S. bank account to list your book on their site. And I only found that out after completing a page full of application blanks.

However since with Smashwords, they charge you nothing for the conversion, and they receive the money from wherever the Ebooks are located then you do not need an American bank account. You just need a PayPal account as that is how Smashwords pays you.

Smashwords only makes money through sales through its own site. They amount they ask is a very small per cent compared to most of the other companies.

Do you like FREE Ebooks? I occasionally get some from Kindle. However Smashwords too has many free books and many low-priced books, including those in languages other than English.

Smashwords also has a LOT of Ebooks, many of which are free or low-priced in ALL Ebook formats. Amazon only creates their books in Kindle format. At Smashwords you can use the filters to pick Ebooks, either Fiction or NonFiction, then a range of topics under each of those categories. On top of that you can pick books by Author, Publisher, or Agent. Then if you want to look at all the FREE Ebooks, you just click on the FREE books, and all the FREE Ebooks will be listed. Then you can download to your heart’s content for NO COST at all!

Here is the Smashwords interface where you can choose the categories of books you want to look at.


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