I have learned a few things about getting ready to publish a book if you are Canadian. If you are NOT Canadian then stop reading this immediately or you may self-destruct! 🙂


  1. Canadians can get FREE ISBN numbers for each of your various formats of your book. See The Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS)
  2. Also check Getting Your Free ISBN in Canada
  3. Don’t try to convert your book to all kinds of Ebooks. Instead go to the free service at Smashwords.com and let them convert it into all Ebook formats for FREE!
  4. Don’t use multiple word processors as they each have their hidden markups which can conflict with each other. As much as I hate to admit it, it is easier if you use Microsoft Word.
  5. Don’t read all the free ebooks and think that you have ALL the correct details to change your text to an Ebook. I found that some of them are out-of-date even tho they were only one year old! Let Smashwords do it. They are always up-to-date!

[I may think of some others later. :-)]


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