Charles G Pedley is the editor of

Charles has been on the web since about 1995 when it was first offered in the Welland area of the Niagara Peninsula.

In fact Charles soldered together the FIRST computer under $200 called the Sinclair ZX81 with a gigantic 1 megabyte! 🙂 To play a chess game a 16 Mb addon memory pack was required as well as a cassette recorder from which in the  flash of about 5 minutes would be loaded! Charles was a teacher from 1965 until his retirement in 1998.

Charles has been called upon for presentations 3x at the all Ontario ECOO (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario) in Toronto, local boards of educations such as the former Niagara South (now DSBN) and Niagara Catholic District School Board as well as other educational organizations and home school groups.

He viewed and purchased several educational computer programs which were evaluated and found in most cases to be INFERIOR to shareware or freeware programs available for free or much cheaper prices. His main topic was on using freeware (free software) because it was better at that time than commercial “educational” software!

He has been interested in Science from an early age and went through chemistry sets, astronomical studies such as finding the planets and various large stars seen in the night  skies and locating the main constellations in our Northern night sky like Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Cassiopeia, Orion etc.

Charles has studied climatology and microclimatology at McMaster University and given presentations on several topics of interest.

From an early age, Charles started asking “why” when it came to science topics and did not rest until he had researched the answers and discovered the “why”.

Charles has way too many websites which are being gradually organized into a few. After teaching he spent some time driving kids back and forth from co-op programs or other educational activities in Taxi and Bus.

Having driven school buses for some time, and not being able to resist being the teacher still after 34 years of teaching and many years past retiring from teaching.

His buses have science (or sometimes other topics) inevitably posted above the windows in his bus and has offered rewards to those who got the answers right.

So many science topics are not well-known by many teachers as well parents and not just students.

For example:

  1. When are we closest to the sun, January or June?
  2. What colour is a red sweater in total darkness?
  3. Why do many mountains have snow tops when the snow is closer to the sun than we are?
  4. Why is the sky blue?
  5. How many hours a day does the sun shine?


  1. January
  2. black
  3. The sun warms the earth and then the heat rises and as it does it cools. Think about how hot that tarmac or beach sand is when you walk across it in the summer!
  4. Because the scattering of high frequencies alone would cause the sky to appear blue and purple, but our eyes work better at frequencies near the middle of the spectrum (yellow and green). Since the color blue is closer to yellow or green than purple is, the sky we see appears blue.
  5. 24 hours: But it doesn’t look like it! You may be forgetting that the sun is our source of energy and does not turn off and on like a light switch. It is always shining even tho clouds may obscure the sun and the massive amounts of light being reflected during a sunny day makes it impossible to see until Earth turns to its “night side”.

I have many others but this is just a sample of how posting thought-provoking questions can make a boring bus ride home more interesting and students may learn something without even knowing it!

Some climate scientists fall for the pressure to agree with the loudmouths and politicians who really do no research on climate or may have an ulterior motive for joining beguiled pushers of false or exaggerated causes.

Monetary rewards offered by those who may profit from the belief that we should all panic and get rid of substances like carbon which are necessary for ALL LIFE on earth including every living thing are not honest in their science claims. On average every human has 21.6 lbs of carbon in their body. Should we have a body-carbon diet? No! Do you want to live???

Even government leaders of countries in reality do not believe all the panic as evidenced BY NONE OF THEM EVEN MAKING ATTEMPTS TO RID OURSELVES OF HEAT OR CARBON!

If these materials were a problem they would not just talk about disaster but be really doing something about it. But that is not happening and the sadly misinformed students worry about their how they will stay alive on the earth when it is too warm to live and has too much carbon to eliminate than is possible. Be open-minded and study others who know that there is no need to panic.

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