Credit Card Out of Control-Need Help?

Someone asked me when they found out that I helped people with financial problems, how catch up on out-of-control credit card payments. I thought a bit and said, “Go to the bank that knows you and arrange a loan to pay off the whole credit card with payments on the loan. Loans are a lot cheaper especially if you have been dealing with a financial institution for some time.

Loans from banks and credit unions (NOT CASH MONEY or other easy cash businesses!) are much cheaper than credit card fees. If you own a house it helps, because they can always sell your house if you do not pay up. However even if you do not own a house, the interest rate is much less on a loan. But do not get tricked! You do not want to take forever to pay off the bank loan! You want to pay as much of it as you can each time you receive money, to keep the loan going downward!

Then when you have your loan paid off, you can start saving!


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